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A GNOME Shell extension to tell whether GNOME is running under Xorg or Wayland

Since the release of Fedora GNU/Linux 25 in November 2016, Wayland has become the default choice for Gnome Shell sessions (where supported by the underlying hardware stack).

Altough GNOME Shell under Wayland works very well (actually, better than under Xorg), it is sometime required (or preferred) to run Xorg instead  (ie, some applications requires Xorg, for example TeamViewer).

So, I often wondered whether I was running Wayland or Xorg.

Since I’m lazy I developed a very simple GNOME Shell extension which does exactly that.

Here’s how it looks like:

That’s my first GNOME Shell extension (also, I don’t quite like JavaScript…) so it is probably far from perfect!¬† The source code is publically available on GitHub. Suggestions and pull requests are very welcome!